Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup

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Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup While starting a startup in the Out-of-Home advertising Sector there are lots of doubts and questions about funding, investors, return etc. For starters, it’s likely for someone to lose most of the money invested. That’s definitely not what one wants and hopes for but it’s a good… Read More

Growth Story of JcDecaux

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Growth Story of JcDecaux JCDecaux, one of the world’s most recognized media brands and UK’s most successful Out Of Home Player has been trying to improve and develop the most inspiring team of UK media. They always wanted to stand out in the crowd by developing a new and unique style of selling, delivering outstanding… Read More

360 Video Advertising

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360 Video Advertising A revolutionary format for brands in the world of advertising has created much curiosity and speculations among advertisers. To clear the cloud of confusion, along with Columbia Sportswear, Google partnered to find this out. In the past few decades, there have been huge advancements in film like Dolby surround sound, 3-D, HD… Read More

Delhi Airport Advertising

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Delhi Airport Advertising The capital of our country has its International Airport located approx. 16 Kms from the main city. Over the years, it has improvised and innovated in various ways in terms of design, facilities and other stuffs. No doubt, it has received multiple awards including – Most Improved Airfield, Best Airport in Central… Read More

Noticeable reasons to use Bulk SMS services for your marketing campaign

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Noticeable reasons to use bulk SMS services for your marketing campaign In the 21st century digital world, the most cost effective, time flexible, most widespread form of marketing is the ‘short messaging service’ or what we call as SMS. Majority of the population use their mobile phones and are active in texting. ‘97% of the… Read More

Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising

Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising With a variety of colour, stories, drama, knowledge, news – the ‘idiot box’ has come a long way since its invention. Advertising through this medium covers a huge number of customers. Advertising is all about branding and targeting the right kind of people at… Read More

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