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Airport Advertising at Vadodara Airport

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Khushi Advertising Gains Exclusive rights for airport advertising at Vadodara Airport To acknowledge anything, it is very important to advertise it very well. With growing needs and competition, way of outdoor advertisement (OOH) is also changing. Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to advertise at airports and the latest name to join this culture is… Read More

TOP 10 advertising companies in India

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TOP 10 advertising companies in India MyHoardings.com is glad to announce  the list of TOP 10 advertising agencies of India : 1. Global Advertisers   2. OOH India   3. Network2Media   4. Exchange4Media   5. Laqshya Media Group 6. TDI International India 7.Ajit Ads 8. Madison India 9. Kartik Group 10. Jit Add Graphics  … Read More

Real time tracking of Indian outdoor hoardings

OOH advertising booking in Real time

MyHoardings is in process to launch a online platform, which will allow access to it’s registered users – which have never happened before in India before – “Real time tracking of Indian outdoor hoardings”   Fore more details, keep watching this space . Largest Online OOH advertisement portal in India Originally posted 2014-05-17 16:11:12.

Consumer Conditioning at Bus Queue Shelters – Bus Advertising

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Bus Advertising – Consumer Conditioning at Bus Queue Shelters Taking full advantage of the soaring Delhi heat, popular ac brands try to grab target audience’s attention through fancy advertisements at bus queue shelters. Be it Daikin, Hitachi or carrier Midea everyone has picked JCDecaux  to carry their marketing campaign in the right direction. Relying on… Read More

My Hoardings : a platform where advertising agencies and marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals.

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My Hoardings : a platform where advertising agencies and marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals. Advertising:Everybody does Advertising for business and brand. Advertising through hoardings is big business. Owners of buildings including societies try to augment their resources by successfully exploiting this source of revenue. Outdoor Hoardings are put up on the… Read More

How brand advertising is a suitable marketing strategy for every brand?

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There are multiple mode of marketing used by a brand owner. Amongst all the multiple tools of marketing and advertising is an vital as well as necessary tool to bring a boost in the product business. In the under mentioned paragraphs, let us have an insight about how advertise is an suitable marketing strategy for… Read More

Mileages of Airport Advertising in Bangalore, Delhi & Mumbai.

Airport outdoor and Indoor Advertising has become a standard follow of promoting a brand and business in various cities in India. Airport advertising campaigns are one of the most effective it means of reaching bent a bigger section of the target group and Audience. Additionally with its stunning look, an Airport ad demonstration provides rich… Read More

My Hoardings “Vision is to provide kind of solution which can ease complexity of outdoor advertising” We provide the latest features and a user friendly environment that allows marketing companies to reach their customers and provide best services in a cost effective manner. In simple terms, we provide a platform where advertising agencies and/or marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost. If you, or your company, have been thinking of increasing your reach and bottom line, we would like to associate with you.