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TV Advertising-The most powerful and massive tool for reaching targeted consumers !

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TV Advertising India Various forms are used in advertising in different method. Its depending on the product, audience and service, the way of an advertising will differ. Advertising on TV generally means running a Television commercial, usually between 20 to 60 seconds in time duration length, but television advertising can also include product placement and… Read More

Facing hassles in creating your TV Advertising campaign ??

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Are you confused about below? How to execute the TeleVision advertisement campaign? Where to broadcast the ad to gain maximum ROI? Whom to target to get maximum benefits? OR, How to make the advertisement itself? If you are looking for solution of above mentioned problems, you’re at the right place . MyHoardings.com   provide quality exclusive… Read More

Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising

Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising With a variety of colour, stories, drama, knowledge, news – the ‘idiot box’ has come a long way since its invention. Advertising through this medium covers a huge number of customers. Advertising is all about branding and targeting the right kind of people at… Read More

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