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Eye catching and innovative Billboard Advertising ! Big banner ads like Signage and Billboards are designed to catch people’s attention and create an unforgettable impression very fast, leaving the reader thinking about advertise after they have driven past it. People have to be readable in a very short period because they are often read while… Read More

Innovative and attention grabbing Billboard Ads in India

Billboard Ads India

Billboard Ads in India ! Billboard Ads are the oldest advertising medium knowing to man having indication and creative essential character not available with other forms of media advertising. Here are some innovative and creative billboard Ads. 1. Kolestron Naturals billboard This billboard execution was strategically positioned on a trip. This billboard had an unspoiled view… Read More

Real time tracking of Indian outdoor hoardings

OOH advertising booking in Real time

MyHoardings is in process to launch a online platform, which will allow access to it’s registered users – which have never happened before in India before – “Real time tracking of Indian outdoor hoardings”   Fore more details, keep watching this space . Largest Online OOH advertisement portal in India Originally posted 2014-05-17 16:11:12.

The Dominant Billboard design !!

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The Dominant Billboard design !! Outdoor hoarding Advertising is the oldest advertising medium knowing to man having indication and creative essential character not available with other forms of media advertising.A blank easel measuring hundreds square feet can be an oasis of infinite creativity opportunities to design a strong and effective message of eye catching that… Read More

OOH advertising on National Highways

Indian national highways are one of the worlds largest network of roads connecting 1000’s of Indian cities in cluster format  and covers more than 65,000 km’s of roads. Why OOH advertising ? You might have seen various advertisements while driving on national highways in your car or travelling in bus.Most of the advertisers find it difficult… Read More

U.P Government launches Road Safety Campaign.

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U.P Government launches Road Safety OOH Campaign – In an effort to aware people about road safety and alcohol misuse, U.P government launched a fresh Road safety champing. The campaign focuses on road safety measures and restricting people from ‘drinking and driving’ practice.  Inaugurated by eminent officials such as state excise and prohibition minster Jai… Read More

When rights are legal just on a paper – Illegal Hoardings

Illegal Hoardings, How to identify Illegal Hoardings, Menace of Illegal Hoardings, Who owns Illegal Hoardings, How much hoardings cost in metro cities?

When rights are legal just on a paper – Illegal Hoardings It’s terrible when a common man’s rights taken away. It’s even more pathetic when nobody even cares to do anything about it even it’s for a public cause. We see, on regular basis, large cutouts and massive hoarding carrying the picture of local leaders, CM’s … Read More

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