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Elevator Advertisement in Bangalore and Cochin

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Concept of Micro Exhibitions is an innovative advertisement medium known as ‘Elevator Advertisement’. This is one of the most unique and effective method of advertising for your product inside the elevators of residential apartment buildings. This advertising platform offers you a guaranteed branding and visibility which will ensure your engine to a successful business.  … Read More

Digital Advertising trends: Significance in respect of small business

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Digital Advertising trends: Significance in respect of small business 21st century has seen huge advancement in the digital world. Advertising through digital platform is the thing that is trending in the advertising world. This is indeed very important for Small business. Let’s see how: Mobile – The percentage of people not using mobile would be… Read More

Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup

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Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup While starting a startup in the Out-of-Home advertising Sector there are lots of doubts and questions about funding, investors, return etc. For starters, it’s likely for someone to lose most of the money invested. That’s definitely not what one wants and hopes for but it’s a good… Read More

360 Video Advertising

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360 Video Advertising A revolutionary format for brands in the world of advertising has created much curiosity and speculations among advertisers. To clear the cloud of confusion, along with Columbia Sportswear, Google partnered to find this out. In the past few decades, there have been huge advancements in film like Dolby surround sound, 3-D, HD… Read More

Surprising facts of out-of-home advertising

Surprising facts of out-of-home advertising It came as a surprise that 25% of the top 100 spenders in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is the Tech companies. This 25% in the category are the Tech giants like Apple, Google, Snapchat, and Facebook.  There has been increase up to 3.1% in the OOH advertising revenue in 2016, as… Read More

MyHoardings looking for franchisees across India

Franchisee in OOH ad sector

Franchisees opportunities in advertisement sector across India- MyHoardings is a premium online portal catering to the needs of advertising clients and various advertising agencies across India. MH is looking to grow it’s business via the franchisee model across all Indian cities. MyHoardings invite applications from advertising agencies who want to grow their business with the… Read More

My Hoardings “Vision is to provide kind of solution which can ease complexity of outdoor advertising” We provide the latest features and a user friendly environment that allows marketing companies to reach their customers and provide best services in a cost effective manner. In simple terms, we provide a platform where advertising agencies and/or marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost. If you, or your company, have been thinking of increasing your reach and bottom line, we would like to associate with you.