Global Advertisement Market 2018 by Manufacturers

Outdoor Advertising

Global Advertisement Market 2018 by Manufacturers – Outdoor Advertising Today’s world is full of competition and to get name and fame in this competitive world, it is very important to have recognition. And the best and most popular way to get recognition is through advertising. The advertisement includes Outdoor advertising in the global market as well… Read More

3D Advertising hoardings

3D Advertising Have you got bored of ordinary monotonous hoardings you see while you are out on Indian roads. Wait !!! 3D Advertising hoardings are coming in market Contact us at business@myhoardings.com for implementation of 3D advertisement campaign in India   Originally posted 2013-10-26 14:01:29.

Facing hassles in creating your TV Advertising campaign ??

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Are you confused about below? How to execute the TeleVision advertisement campaign? Where to broadcast the ad to gain maximum ROI? Whom to target to get maximum benefits? OR, How to make the advertisement itself? If you are looking for solution of above mentioned problems, you’re at the right place . MyHoardings.com   provide quality exclusive… Read More

Media Advertisement in city transit systems metro rail and airports ticks 60% growth

Media Advertisement ? Good news for Advertisers !!! Airports, bus shelters ,railways stations and metro stations have came up as the latest hot spots for advertisers in Indian cities as ads on daily travel transit commute systems have grown more than 60% in the last one year. Advertising Industry experts predict that transit systems’ advertisement and… Read More

Kolkata Airport to manage trolleys and handlers after un-responded tenders

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Airport to manage trolleys and handlers after un-responded tenders – Kolkata airport released tenders in July last year inviting advertising companies for using airport trolleys for advertisements. The intension behind trolley advertisement was to generate revenue for better management of trolleys and keeping up with salary of the handlers. Unfortunately, even after releasing multiple tenders,… Read More

Advertising innovation providing livelihood: Wheels of Hope and Fortune

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Outdoor Advertising innovation providing livelihood: Wheels of Hope and Fortune The invention of three wheels could be such blessings; it was never a thought before. But the use of tricycle as an OOH advertisement tool became the earning of livelihood for the people like Bunty Singh who are facing challenges due to depressing traumatic effects… Read More

Delhi Airport Advertising

Delhi Airport Advertising, Airport Advertising in India, Billboards on Indian Airports Advertising, OOH Publicity at Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport Advertising The capital of our country has its International Airport located approx. 16 Kms from the main city. Over the years, it has improvised and innovated in various ways in terms of design, facilities and other stuffs. No doubt, it has received multiple awards including – Most Improved Airfield, Best Airport in Central… Read More

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