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Top Five Reasons OOH Advertising Is Giving Good Fight To Digital Advertising

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The out of home advertising has reached out many people wherever they are, thus becoming a medium of promoting an ad that is has been preferred better than the digital advertising. There are few things, which are taken into consideration Out of home media has become a major accessibility. These advertising come to the public… Read More

Misleading advertisements and their effects | Consumer Complaints Council

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Misleading advertisements  and their effects. After a critical evaluation of 290 complaints received in a month, The consumer complaints council  had confirmed a total of 193 advertisements misleading. Out of the total advertisements, an eighty percent hailed from the healthcare sector, a nine percent were in regard to the education sector and a five percent… Read More

Decoding OOH Advertising

Decoding OOH Advertising As Indian population is growing,mostly in urban areas Out of Home (OOH) becomes more powerful and more effective and relevant. While many traditional media’s are fragmenting and fighting to grab the consumer’s attention, OOH keeps the hope alive and gaining audiences. OOH is Engaging: To convey our business,medium is the message. OOH… Read More

Is creativity new Buzzword in advertising and marketing arena ?

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Either adopt creativity and innovation in the way you do advertising OR you’ll be thrown out of the business soon-Says famous OOH advertising analyst Mr.Ashok Patidar at recent conference organized by TheMediaBazaar in Bangalore. Truly, people are getting bored of traditional outdated advertising practices being adopted by many advertisers in current date as well.Better suggested… Read More

Fabindia assigns OOH advertising creative mandate to Lowe Lintas

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Fabindia assigns OOH advertising creative mandate to Lowe Lintas The appointment of Lowe Lintas as creative agency of FabIndia is getting a big fab in the market. The way of OOH advertising requires a multi-talented and creative mind to attract people for particular product. Considering this thought, Fabindia announced that Delhi head office of Lowe… Read More

Latest innovative ad campaign: Everest Super coloured Roof’s idea to the adoption of colorful culture by providing amazing roofing solution

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Latest innovative ad campaign: Everest’s idea to the adoption of colorful culture by providing amazing roofing solution “Everest Super” is another product of Everest which complements the colorful lifestyle of the rural India. The product is colourful fibre cement roofing sheets which are not only heat and water resistant but also available with non-corrosive features.… Read More

Digital Advertising trends: Significance in respect of small business

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Digital Advertising trends: Significance in respect of small business 21st century has seen huge advancement in the digital world. Advertising through digital platform is the thing that is trending in the advertising world. This is indeed very important for Small business. Let’s see how: Mobile – The percentage of people not using mobile would be… Read More

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